Why Chatbots Could Be The Next Great Disruptor

From personal computers, to cell phones, to cloud computing, disruptive technologies have been affecting the way entire industries operate for decades. The majority of businesses that have refused to acknowledge the importance of these technologies were negatively impacted by that decision, and many of them don’t exist today. The latest disrupting technology has made its way onto the scene and it comes in the form of a chatbot!

Chatbots are essentially virtual assistants that interact with you via text. They are the hottest form of AI at the moment and can tell multiple customers useful information at the snap of a finger. In this blog, we’ll go over 3 reasons chatbots are the next great disruptor.

1. Convenience

Customers just don’t interact with businesses the way they used to, and the majority of them would much rather text or use a messenger app than send a formal email. Chatbots make it possible for large and small businesses alike to keep up with modern day customer service demands. Even older demographics have found chatbots to be more helpful than other communication mediums.

The fact that chatbots can respond in real-time 24/7 makes this technology an absolute must-have!

2. Cost Savings

Chatbots are able to provide quick answers to customer inquiries and can handle a significantly higher volume of customers than any single employee would be able to. This saves employers operational costs and frees up precious time so that employees can focus on more challenging matters.

Saving time and money by investing in this bot is an opportunity that’s simply too good to pass up!

3. A New Way of Marketing

Last but certainly not least, chatbots open up new ways of marketing. They can be used to gain an understanding of customer insights and preferences, which in turn can lead to higher engagement and even increased sales. Bots can also help kick-start a sales cycle by giving customers the option to communicate with your brand before interacting with a real-life salesperson.

Gathering data that can actually be used to drive results is a dilemma every marketer faces, and using chatbots makes it much easier to do just that!


Even though chatbots may not look as cool as the futuristic robots you probably envisioned taking over in 2019, they’re still pretty awesome in their own way. If your brand wants to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments in the marketing landscape, contact Arnold Street Media for a consultation. We’re a one-stop shop that’ll meet all your digital marketing needs!