Royal Bank Plaza, the Canadian landmark renowned for its historic charm, came to Arnold Street with the need to update their online presence. The objective was to develop a website that not only captured the architectural grandeur of the plaza but also deepened relationships with their tenants and local community, ultimately driving increased foot traffic to its retail outlets, restaurants, and increasing lease opportunities.


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Website Creation

We then developed a website that seamlessly fused modernity with the plaza's timeless elegance, crafting a user experience that accurately reflected the plaza's status as a premier destination in Canada.

RBP’s Brand Identity

Our first step involved revitalizing the Royal Bank Plaza brand, crafting its visual identity while preserving its esteemed heritage. We then created a visually stunning and intuitive website with strategic interactive elements to engage users and encourage the exploration of the plaza's offerings.

Community Engagement

To enhance tenant and community relationship-building, we implemented features such as retailer and restaurant directories, leasing information, and a dynamic events calendar to attract local visitors. Our holistic approach to branding and digital presence has not only elevated Royal Bank Plaza's image, but has also fostered meaningful connections with its tenants and surrounding community, positioning it as a vibrant and essential hub in the heart of Toronto.

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