Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2020

The new year is almost here, and savvy digital marketers are already trying to predict the trends that will take place on social media when 2020 rolls around. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have become an integral part of consumers’ everyday lives over the past decade and some successful brands have shunned traditional marketing all together in favour of these digital mediums. It’s never been so important for marketers to stay on top of social media trends, and today we’re going to be revealing our top picks for social media marketing predictions in 2020!

Video Content Will Take Over

From IGTV to YouTube to the meteoric rise of TikTok, we’ve already seen how impactful videos can be for social in 2019 and this trend is likely to continue in the new year. Video content is much more digestible than other types of content and a recent Cisco study predicted that 82% of all online content will be in a video format by 2022.  If you haven’t jumped on the video bandwagon yet, you should probably start thinking about ways you can incorporate this medium into your socials ASAP!  

Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Rise

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular over the past few years and for good reason – it’s much cheaper than traditional ad campaigns and it yields great results. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, every $1 spent on influencers generates a total of $5.20 in revenue. Marketers have taken a liking to this strategy’s stellar return on investment and a bigger portion of their budget will likely be allocated to influencer marketing in 2020. 

Stories Will Surge

Once upon a time, Snapchat was the only social platform that had Stories, but Instagram quickly decided to adopt the tool and boy has it taken off since! Gap saw a 73% higher click-through rate from Insta Stories vs their regular feed campaigns, and other brands have also taken notice of the effectiveness of Stories. You’ll probably see the term “ephemeral content” used and put into practice a lot more in the near future (FYI, it means media that’s only available for a short period of time).

Personalization Will Be More Popular

Personalization is an advanced form of targeting that allows brands to provide their audience with individualized customization options. Consumers have come to expect some degree of personalization in the services they use, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist, which gives users a personal list of suggested tracks, is a great example of personalization resonating with customers and following their lead in the new year will serve you well!

User-Generated Content Will Persist

Posting user-generated content is highly beneficial for brands – it boosts social media reach and growth, it can raise your SEO ranking, and consumers trust it much more than traditional advertising. 80% of AirBnB’s Instagram engagement comes from user-generated content and it’s safe to say that their business is booming! If you’re a business-savvy marketer, you’ll definitely want to make room for user-generated content when the new decade comes around.


There you have it – all the social media marketing predictions you should keep your eyes peeled for in 2020. At Arnold Street Media, Inc., we can’t wait to see what the new year brings and we look forward to bringing more visions to fruition. Contact us today to establish your brand’s identity the right way!