ROAR Organic, a leading brand in the beverage industry, works with us to elevate their Canadian digital presence and drive sales. Through a comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategy, we are continuously implementing various tactics to achieve their goals and to successfully grow their social media accounts, email subscribers, and most importantly: increase online sales.


  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer & UGC Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Packaging Design

Partnership at a glance

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Introducing ROAR Plus powders

In early 2024, ROAR Organic rolled out their latest innovation: ROAR Plus Powders, perfect for those living life on the move and in need of a quick hydration fix. As their creative team, we took on the challenge of revamping their brand aesthetics and crafting packaging that resonated with their target audience. Our mission was to ensure these powders not only looked sleek on shelves but also embodied the ROAR brand!

We dove into the design process with enthusiasm, merging practicality with style. Using vibrant hues, dynamic shapes and user-friendly packaging, our creative team produced eye-catching designs that you can almost taste, promising a refreshing burst of hydration.

Crushing KPI’s!

The impact of this collaboration has been transformative. Our impressions have grown by 18,000%, resulting in nearly a million impressions per month. Engagements have surged by 47,000%, and we’ve successfully gained over 7,000 new followers across our Instagram and TikTok platforms, experiencing a monthly growth rate of over 130%.

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