Osmow’s, a premiere fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant, came to us looking for original branded content in the form of food photography for all of their over 40 Ontario locations. Presently, our photography is used in branded content such as digital signage, menus, social media, posters, flyers, and more!


Creative DirectionPhotography

A Journey Beyond Boundaries

Our collaboration with Osmow’s involved capturing the essence of their delectable menu through vibrant food photography. ASM captured each signature dish in its most mouth-watering form, highlighting the freshness, flavour, and authenticity that defines Osmow’s Mediterranean cuisine.

Modern Mediterranean Cuisine

From sizzling shawarma platters to colourful salads and savoury wraps, our branded photography captured the essence of Osmow’s foods. These captivating images are seamlessly integrated into various branded content, enhancing Osmow’s brand identity and enticing customers to explore their diverse Mediterranean menu.

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