Harvest Wagon, a boutique luxury grocery store, is known for its artisanal and high-quality products and produce. To celebrate the store’s expansion, we threw an influencer party to garner valued attention to the renovation. Additionally, we designed an elegant website and logo to echo the store’s upmarket flare, and also took charge of its social media channels to share product photography shots that inspire #cravings and recipe ideas! What can we say? Behind digital marketing, food is in a close second in the race for our hearts!


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A Tasty Tradition

The highlight of collaborating with Harvest Wagon was the monthly shoots, which always yielded the most delicious results. We partnered closely with the owners to select the finest local produce and ingredients, ensuring each recipe showcased the freshest flavours. The cherry on top? Tasting our culinary creations!

Food with Flair: Mouth Watering, Fresh Products

The main goal? To feature the ingredients first. We aimed to place the emphasis on the incredible produce, ensuring it took centre stage in every creation.

A Younger Generation of Shoppers

The aim was to use captivating images to drive engagement, expand our reach, and attract a new, younger customer base to the store. From the moment we took over their social media, there was a noticeable surge in younger shoppers visiting, drawn in by the vibrant and appealing content.

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