Frontera, a wine brand with a global presence, aimed to elevate brand awareness and expand their email list through engaging campaigns. While most of their social media activity is centralized on a global account, there was a need for impactful, localized campaigns to directly engage the North American audience.


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Frontera’s Grammy Campaign Spectacular

  • Challenge:
    Frontera sought to create a standout marketing campaign that would not only elevate brand awareness but also engage their audience in an unforgettable way. The objective was to leverage the excitement surrounding the Grammy Awards to showcase Frontera wines as the celebratory choice for music and entertainment enthusiasts.
  • Solution:
    ASM developed an innovative campaign centered around the Grammy Awards, offering Frontera fans the chance to experience the glamour of the Grammys firsthand. This high-profile campaign was designed to capture the audience’s imagination and associate Frontera with memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
  • Execution: :
    Grammy Giveaway: Launched a giveaway campaign offering fans the opportunity to win tickets to the Grammy Awards, generating buzz and excitement across Frontera’s consumer base.

The Grammys campaign significantly elevated Frontera’s brand visibility, engaging a broad audience and connecting them with the brand’s values and offerings. Through the contest, we substantially grew Frontera’s email list, providing a valuable channel for direct marketing and ongoing engagement.

The involvement of an influencer in the latest campaign brought a new level of excitement and interaction, further boosting engagement and reach. Year after year, the campaign has been met with enthusiasm and participation, marking it as a flagship initiative for Frontera in North America.

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