What Digital Marketers Can Learn From Celebs Texting Their Fans

Author: Patricia Untinen

Patricia is the Digital Content Creator at Arnold Street Media, Inc. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree and specialized in marketing management at The Ted Rogers School of Business Management. Patricia has been writing stellar blogs for us for over a year now.


Have you noticed your favourite celebrities and influencers posting their phone number on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter as of late? Me too. Before you jump for joy and spam J.Lo’s phone with long paragraphs explaining your latest dilemmas, you should know that there’s more to this than meets the eye. 

Famous people aren’t actually giving out their personal phone numbers, and no matter how much you may want that to be the case, it’s unlikely they’ll do that anytime soon. Keep reading to find out what’s really up with these SMS messages and why text message marketing just might be the next digital disruptor.    

Why Celebs Are Changing It Up

Social media has been an effective marketing channel for influential figures for quite some time now, but between the constant changes to the Instagram algorithm and YouTube disabling people’s comment sections, visibility and engagement rates aren’t what they used to be. The unpredictability of social media platforms have left users with a large following dissatisfied and in search of a better way to communicate with their followers. Good ol’ SMS messages have emerged as the best channel to do just that thanks to an innovative app that goes by the name of Community.

The App Behind the Text Messages

Community is a text-based platform that makes it possible for celebrities to directly communicate with their fan base in a more intimate way. The app assigns a phone number to “anyone with an audience”, and these users are referred to as Leaders.

The Community app team carefully vets leaders, and if they are deemed as having “something interesting to say”, they pay subscription fees that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month depending on the number of users they want to reach. Celebs that have signed on to the platform and solidified their “leader” status include Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Amy Schumer, the Jonas Brothers, Kerry Washington, and Ashton Kutcher, just to name a few. 

When you text your fave celeb or influencer, you’ll receive a short message from them that includes an auto-reply link encouraging you to sign up with Community and “add yourself” to their contacts list. Once you’ve clicked on the link and added yourself to their contacts, you’ll be able to participate in group texts that are centred around a specific topic. If you’re lucky and send a text at the right time, you might even manage to get a personal text from a famous person!

How SMS Messages Can Benefit Digital Marketers

There’s a good reason why so many celebrities and influencers are jumping on this text message bandwagon – SMS messages have an open rate of 98%, 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being received, and 5 billion people in the world have the ability to send and receive text messages. Those statistics are nothing to scoff at, and savvy digital marketers and startup companies are starting to realize just how beneficial this communication channel can be.

Companies in the apparel and beverage industry are using text messages to educate their customers on their products and create brand awareness. SMS messages are also being used to update customers on their orders and give them the opportunity to ask for refills. The general consensus on this communication medium is that it’s a great way to stay top of mind with consumers and enhance the customer experience, which ultimately leads to higher retention and revenue.


Text message marketing has come a long way over the past few months and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With that said, social media is still an excellent channel for engaging with your audience, and in spite of the algorithm changes, it likely always will be. While you might not be able to attain BFF status with J.Lo, you can utilize both SMS messaging and social media platforms to your advantage and become an unstoppable force in the digital marketing realm. There’s no time like the present!