What Blogs Can Do For Your Business

Having a strong web presence is crucial to raising brand awareness and growing a business. That being said, most people don’t realize the significance of blogging and how much it helps drive traffic to a website, communicate with potential customers, and increase revenue.

Here’s the lowdown on what blogs can do for your business and why you should be blogging:

1. Driving Traffic

As was mentioned earlier, blogs do a great job of driving traffic to your website, something that is notoriously difficult to do. If you don’t have a blog, you’ll only get visitors to your site if they search your business name, and if they’re actively looking for your business that probably means they are an audience you already have.

Alternatively, you could drive traffic to your site by paying for ads that’ll cost you way more money than a copywriter. Once your budget for paid ads run out (which it definitely will) you’ll pretty much be back to square one.

Blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic because it’s relatively inexpensive and adds more indexed pages to your website. In addition, posting regular blogs that use relevant keywords greatly increases your chance of showing up on search engines. If you share your blog posts on your various social media platforms, even better!

2. Converting Leads

Once you have new sets of eyes on your engaging blogs, you have an opportunity to convert this traffic into leads. Blogs that have specific and relevant calls-to-action in them do a great job of generating leads and bringing site visitors to other pages where they can actually purchase your products or services.

Posting engaging and informative blogs also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you are an authority in your field of work and that you can be trusted.

3. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Blogs aren’t just a one and done kind of deal. Search engines absolutely love relevant content and even once all the hype around a blog dies down, it is still on the Internet forever. Published blogs will rank on search engines that will, in turn, bring traffic and new leads to your site for the foreseeable future.

That’s right, a blog that was posted years ago can still translate into more customers and ultimately more money in your pocket present day!


If you’ve come to the conclusion that the benefits of blogging are just too good to resist, we’re here to help! At Arnold Street Media, we’re pros at creating personable and relatable blogs that convey a brand’s personality and drive more traffic to our client’s site. Contact us today to connect with your audience in a new way!