What you’ll be Responsible for:

  • The creation of corporate videos (Shooting & Editing)
  • Reviewing scripts, creating shot lists and/or storyboards, and planning what equipment will be needed for shoots
  • Transporting, setting up, and operating various pieces of production equipment including cameras, audio recorders, lighting equipment, props, and microphones
  • Shooting b-roll and interviews (2 angles)
  • Collaborating with colleagues on creative ideas and figuring out solutions to any problems that arise
  • Ensuring strict compliance with company guidelines, deadlines and design standards

What you’ll need to Succeed:

  • Expert knowledge of video editing software: Adobe After Effects and Premiere, Final Cut Pro
  • A fervent commitment to the highest production quality on all projects
  • The ability to handle delicate camera equipment and lenses properly, including packing for travel and cleaning
  • The skills required to be creative with video editing
  • The ability to adapt rapidly to evolving priorities and deadlines
  • Charisma and a propensity for ensuring clients feel comfortable on shoots
  • Reliability
  • A strong sense of creativity, innovation and an optimistic attitude

Required Experience and Qualifications:

  • Minimum 1 year of hands-on experience as a Videographer
  • Valid drivers license. Must own a vehicle for traveling to shoots.
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