Top 5 Social Media Reactions To The Toronto Raptors Win

It’s official – the Raptors are going to the NBA Finals for the first time in history, and Torontonians couldn’t be more thrilled. Social media erupted after the Raptors’ epic Eastern Conference championship win on Saturday night and some posts are just too good to miss out on. That’s why we’ve decided to repost our top 5 favourite reactions to the Raptors’ moment of glory.

1) Haven’t Heard of Them

Bucks fans definitely didn’t exist within the vicinity of Toronto on the night of the Raptors win.

2) A Reaction Worth Noting

A blog about the Raptors wouldn’t be complete without Drake! His facial expression pretty much sums up how all of Toronto felt about the Raptors going to The Finals.

3) The Ultimate Street Party

Thousands of Torontonians took to the streets after the big win and we’ve never seen the city so alive. This pic captures the moment perfectly!

4) A Never-Ending Celebration

The party carried on well into the next day and large vehicles simply couldn’t escape the excitement!

5) Hoping For The Best

We couldn’t agree more – keep up the good work!


The Raptors win has brought the city together in a way we have never seen before and people are still reeling from the ordeal thanks to social media. There were hundreds of live Instagram and Facebook stories put out of the celebrations that night and party selfies were in the thousands! If you ever doubted the power of social, the proof is in the pudding. Go Raptors!