Survival Guide: The Post-Holiday Blues

You’ve just returned from a sunny and sandy getaway. Or maybe you’ve just made the trip back from your parents place after a festive get-together. Regardless of where you spent your holiday season, there’s one major ailment that often strikes those who are coming off of the high of December joy – the post-holiday blues.

The post-holiday blues are described as the jarring descent that comes immediately after your return from jovial engagements to normal life. Suddenly, you’re no longer surrounded by your loved ones who live far away, the white sand beaches you spent months eagerly awaiting to visit, or the buffet tables decked out with jaw-dropping selections of culinary excellence.

Returning to normal life after the holidays can be a rough adjustment, but there are plenty of ways you can combat these feelings of malaise. Here are Arnold Street Media’s top 4 tips for adjusting to January with ease by beating the blues:

Goal Setting

So you’ve never been the type to participate in the age-old custom of creating New Year’s resolutions? No worries, you can actually think smaller and do bigger by setting goals of a less extreme scope.

The sweet simplicity of checking something off a to-do list is a confidence-inducing act that can provide you with more inspiration and stamina to get things done. By writing down your goals, you provide yourself with a tangible piece of paper that helps to hold you accountable for taking positive action in your life.

The New Year actually brings forth an ideal backdrop to reflect on what you truly want to get out of your time in the following one. Consider what you wish you did more of in 2016 and try to make goals that are time-sensitive and within your reach. By taking this initiative, you will enable yourself to accomplish those things you wish to achieve.

Mid-Week Pick Me Ups

On Mondays, waiting for Friday evening to show up can feel like an eternity. If you tend to feel discouraged at the start of your week, why not try to fill the weekday gaps in your schedule with plans to do something you love?

By arranging to do things that you’re actually enthusiastic about during the week, you give your mind something to look forward to when you feel like you’re existing in a bit of a bleaker mindset. Your plans don’t have to be grandiose, they could range anywhere from calling up a friend to set up a lunch date or after work drinks, to buying movie tickets to go see the latest Hollywood blockbuster, to even engaging in some retail therapy.

The possibilities are endless, what do you love to do?


Repeat after me: “I will not neglect my fitness just because I’m feeling a little bummed out”. This isn’t a “new year, new you” spiel that, while momentarily inspiring, will ultimately fall flat once the third week of January rolls around, and this also isn’t about obtaining a magazine cover body.

This is about the powerful psychology of endorphins that are released during exercise, and how they are scientifically proven make us happier and healthier individuals. If the prospect of joining a gym feels intimidating to you, don’t worry! Fortunately, exercise takes on many shapes and forms.

Whether you choose to attend a few low-intensity exercise classes each week, try to spend more time walking or biking as opposed to driving, or even go all-out and join a CrossFit gym – your mind and body will thank you.

Mindful Eating

Unfortunately, during the holidays our healthy eating habits can fall to the wayside. While this can be a fun and ultimately not harmful indulgence period, it proves to be troublesome when these less-than-nutritious habits carry over into the New Year.

Think of your body as a top-of-the-line sports car. Now think of food as the fuel you put into it. If you’re constantly feeding this car low-quality fuel, it won’t always run the way it’s designed to.

Whether or not you stick to a nutrient-dense, healthy diet can make or break how energized you feel during your days. Relying on caffeine to stay focused is not an option if you’re in search of reaching sustainably high levels of health.

So hit your grocery store and skip the junk food aisle. There’s a reason it’s called junk food. Next, load up your cart with mindful food choices. Then, plan your meals for the week in advance so that you don’t get stuck ordering takeout mid-week. Finally, pack a lunch each day to eat at work.

By making these seemingly simple, but effective changes in your daily life, you’ll have your post-holiday blues under control in no time! At Arnold Street Media, we love to help ourselves and our clients reach their highest levels of potential. If you have a project you think would benefit from working with our enthusiastic team, reach out to us today!