We all Scream for Ice Cream

While Toronto may not be the coldest place in Canada, the pedestrian dense city is known for its persistent winters. In fact, the frigidity of our winters may just be why Torontonians have such a strong affinity for summertime.

Walk down any street from June to September and you’ll witness thousands of citizens strolling along while basking in the heat. Toronto’s vibrant summer culture acts as a rebellion against the oppressive winters it faces each year in a variety of ways.

However, packed parks and busy beaches aren’t the only ways that we show our appreciation for the summer sunshine. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that if you left your house during the summer, you would have noticed a new way in which Torontonians were attempting to beat the heat:

Ice cream.

Yes, that’s correct. Ice cream. All summer long and now into the fall, Toronto has been screaming for ice cream.

From Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery, to iHalo Krunch, to even the downtown Sweet Jesus location– having one of these tempting treats in your hand (read: on your instagram), is akin to boasting a status symbol.

Ice cream has become trendy and anyone who hasn’t visited at least two of the three aforementioned shops is going to have a hard time getting in the with popular crowd (sorry, we don’t make the rules!)

But how has such a timeless classic, the dairy delight, permeated Toronto’s culture in such a dramatic way?


Herd Mentality

 Chances are, you’ve seen the enormous lines that decorate the exteriors of all three of these popular establishments. All summer long, it’s been an undeniable fact that if you’re craving Bang Bang, iHalo Krunch, or Sweet Jesus – you’re going to have to wait.

While the shops themselves are quite small in size, this isn’t the only reason that the lines are so seemingly endless; herd mentality may be coming into play as well.

As humans were socialized to adopt the behaviours of our peers. When day after day, we see a queue outside the same restaurant, we’re naturally going to want to see what all the fuss is about and hop in.

All in all, when we see a lineup, what we actually see is a great marker staring at us while shouting “Hey you! Come see what I have to offer or you’re missing out!”

And that’s no fun, is it?


Innovative Twists

 In order to captivate a customer base, it’s imperative that you bring something new to the table. While a simple soft serve cone is delicious, it’s not all too captivating, as everyone has tasted one many times.

What these three ice cream shops have in common is their drive to offer Torontonians something unique. Bang Bang offers customers ice-cream sandwiches between house-made cookies, and Sweet Jesus has soft serve cones dipped in just about every confectionary topping you could imagine.

At iHalo Krunch, however, is where you’ll find the most innovative twist on the traditional treat. They offer charcoal-infused cones – something you didn’t know you wanted to try before now. These distinct cones are made onsite and contain activated charcoal to produce an ashy black cone. With Asian inspired ice cream flavours like matcha bean and ube, iHalo Krunch ensures that you wont be able to find a cone like theirs anywhere else in the city.


Strong Social Presence

It’s no secret that a strong social media presence has the power to take a small business to the big leagues. Social platforms, namely Instagram, have been a remarkably powerful tool for these specialty ice cream shops.

Bang Bang’s Instagram feed is currently set to private, but with over 22 thousand followers, their air of exclusivity is all but a tactic to inspire even more desire for their ice cream from those who aren’t approved members of the club.

For Sweet Jesus, Instagram marketing and brand awareness were certainly in mind when they decided to paint their outdoor benches and wall the same vibrant blue hue.

While most restaurants choose to repost photos that customers took of their food as a way to make their community feel included, Sweet Jesus’s paint job allowed the company to then repost blue-backdrop artsy ice cream shots from their customer’s feeds while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and consistent aquamarine grid on theirs.



If you feel like screaming for ice cream, don’t count on the lines dying down once the summer ends, as these shops are likely to see a perennial turnout. With top notch marketing tactics that harness the power of their customer’s loyalty, the forecast doesn’t show the ice cream trend cooling down just yet!

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