How COVID-19 is Making “Business As Usual” A Thing of the Past

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it, and the future has come much quicker than any of us could have predicted. Prior to the arrival of  COVID-19, technological innovations were already having a dramatic impact on consumer behaviours and the world of retail, but the stay-at-home economy that the pandemic forced us into has caused years of change to happen in a matter of months. Having a solid online presence has gone from being a good business practice to a necessity. 

Curious about what other changes COVID-19 is causing? Keep reading to find out what’s in store.  

Changing Search Behaviours 

Search queries provide invaluable insight into how people are feeling and their general behaviour. Having a comprehensive understanding of common search terms will help you better align your business offerings with current consumer needs. Given the uncertainty of our world today, these insights are more valuable than ever before.

According to a recent infographic of emerging trends released by the team from CodeFuel, people have had enough of the pandemic and are ready to get back to a sense of normalcy. The number of “coronavirus exit phase” queries increased by a whopping 232% from February 1st to May 15th. Some commonly searched terms include “flights after COVID-19”, “face masks at work”, “how long will restaurants be closed”, and “public transportation after COVID-19”.

CodeFuel’s infographic also revealed that search queries for food and essential products increased 54% from January 1st to May 6th and searches for streaming services went up 86% in the same time period. Not surprisingly, travel-related search queries were down 45%.

The Rise of eCommerce

A new report published by Boston Consulting Group and Snapchat unveiled key behaviours that have significantly risen among Gen Z and millennial consumers in the US, UK, France, and Canada. They found that in a matter of eight weeks, eCommerce grew more than it did in the entire decade prior to the report. 

This massive spike in eCommerce is largely due to younger consumers who are more easily adapting to our “new normal”. It is expected that many of these consumers will continue to display these newly developed patterns post-coronavirus due to their impressionability. No wonder Shopify stock has skyrocketed!

Social media giants like Instagram are already on top of emerging eCommerce trends. In recent weeks, the social networking service announced that it will be allowing a wider range of businesses and content creators to sell merchandise through its eCommerce feature. 

What This Means for Businesses

Whether we like it or not, a lot of the changes brought on by COVID-19 are likely here to stay and we need to start modifying our business practices with this “new normal”. Adaptability is the most important competitive advantage at the moment, and now’s the time to engage in strategic planning, rebranding, and, most importantly, establish a strong online presence.

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