Cool Startup Culture 101

It’s no secret that the once rigid and confined idea of what a workplace is has significantly broadened. The notion that a workplace should also provide its employees with more than just a steady paycheck has gained immense traction over the past decade.

With companies boasting employee game rooms, and many startups offering their workers up to three meals a day, businesses are having to adjust to ensure that they are keeping with the times by offering a vibrant company culture.

Company culture, however, is about far more than just free coffee and foosball Fridays. A strong culture comes from placing a firm emphasis on the importance of company values and investing in your own people.

Here are some of the top ways that Arnold Street works to foster a supportive company culture for our team:


Communication is Key

While total transparency isn’t expected or necessary within a workplace, the traditional boss archetype has begun to lose its appeal. Head honchos that maintain a stone-faced demeanor amongst their employees only create a culture of alienation in the office. Furthermore, when workers feel separated from their leaders and uncomfortable with communicating with them, an “us vs. them” dynamic can begin to fester.

To put it simply – employees who feel respected by their bosses work harder, and this respect is nourished by consistent communication that transcends the authority of positions within a company.

Arnold Street is a boutique agency with a close-knit team. Regardless of the job titles we possess, we encourage our team members to both share their ideas and challenge one another every day – a strategy that has inspired many innovations within our company.


Culture Calendar

Transforming your business into both a workplace and a community where your workers feel they are valued as individuals who like to have fun is a great way to engage your team.

Therefore, in addition to the calendar our team shares that includes all upcoming deadlines, business lunches, and other pertinent company-related events, we’ve also implemented a culture calendar that contains all of the exciting activities that the Arnold Street team is welcome to partake in during the month. These activities include anything from staff birthday lunches to rock climbing outings.


Remote Working

Although there’s no denying the power of working in a collaborative environment, there are some days when going into the office is just not realistic. We all have lives that continue beyond the hours of nine to five. Therefore, allowing your employees the option to work from home if say, they need to take a break in the middle of their workday to attend an appointment, is a smart move to make.

Remote working may be one of the unofficial antidotes to workplace cabin fever. Since it’s structure can take on many shapes, from long-term absences while a worker is abroad, to company-wide work from home days, it provides employees with the flexibility that can allow them to recharge when they feel the cold grip of burnout casting itself upon them.

While this is certainly not an exhaustive strategy for catapulting your company into the culture hall of fame, it’s a helpful start for those CEO’s that feel their attention could be more focused towards fostering a strong connection between their workers and their company. At the end of the day, you know that you want your office to be the place your employees are excited to be!

At Arnold Street, we do our absolute best to actually walk our talk by providing our team members with both the freedom to be self-starters, and the creative challenges necessary for them to feel fulfilled by the work they do for our clients.

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