Common In-House Marketing Mistakes

Regardless of the industry that your company is in, a solid marketing strategy is critical to success. Everyone is aware that digital marketing allows for companies to expand their reach by virtually astronomical amounts through social media. Therefore, if you’re looking to elevate your brand to a higher tier, we don’t recommend that you cut corners when it comes to marketing.

A common way that companies do this, however, is through attempting to tackle marketing in-house. While the idea of taking over your marketing efforts yourself may appear cost-effective on paper, it can easily end up costing you more in the long run due to these common errors that companies make:

Letting everyone weigh in

Digital marketing is all about finessing the voice of your brand and speaking into the megaphone known as the Internet to target the market that you are looking to infiltrate.

When marketing is handled in-house, it can be easy for that voice to become muddled by the many opinions of other employees. Regardless of if the person you delegated your company’s marketing to has a background in the subject, they can still end up trying to please everyone else in the office by taking their suggestions into consideration.

Using ill-fitting social media platforms

Depending on who your target audience is, your company may want to be choosy about which social media platforms it uses to try and reach potential clients.

The social media landscape is so vast, it takes a team of skilled marketing professionals to truly stay on top of what is trendy across all of the unique channels. A common error that in-house marketers make involves spending limited resources trying to reach customers through a platform that they are not even on due to lack of knowledge.

Now that doesn’t equal ROI, does it?

Not Measuring Analytics

Your company doesn’t make any big changes without tracking the performance of them, so why do so many in-house marketers fail to measure their marketing results?

Analyzing results from campaigns using pixels and tracking codes is one of the top ways that marketing agencies gain insight into a clients’ target market. Furthermore, after deciphering analytics, an agency is able to fine-tune future marketing efforts so that they yield even more results.

Failure to stay true to the brand

As previously touched upon, branding is everything in the world of marketing. In order for your digital marketing efforts to truly thrive – you need to give them 110%. When marketing is handled in-house, it can be difficult for whoever is in charge of it to give your company’s social strategy the attention that it needs. This can lead to sparse and inconsistent social media feeds that leave your audience feeling confused at best, and put off at worst.

Efficiency is one of the many keys to success for any business. Instead of expecting one of your existing employees to execute your companies’ marketing tasks on top of all their other work, try working with the big guns!

Outsourcing your marketing needs to an esteemed agency that can execute your vision in a high-quality and professional manner is your best bet if ROI and brand recognition are what you are striving to achieve. Drop us a line today to learn more about how Arnold Street Media is the one-stop shop for all your marketing needs!