A Guide to Branding In the Face of Market Challenges

The past few months have been unpredictable, to say the least. Every person’s life has been impacted by the pandemic in one way or another, and between the supply shortages we faced in the early days of the pandemic and the ongoing effort to remain socially distant, consumer habits have significantly changed. For business owners, this stray from normal shopping patterns is a major source of concern.  

While it may feel as if not a lot is in your control right now, there’s one invaluable aspect of your business that can help you get through these harrowing times – your brand. Here are 3 ways you can make sure your brand survives and thrives in the current climate and beyond.

1. Sending the Right Message

Sending messages that are relevant, meaningful, and helpful to consumers is especially important during times of crisis. Marketing plays a critical role in building empathy, which will ultimately help reinforce customer loyalty. Use your social media platforms to let your customers know how you’re responding to the pandemic and keep them updated on how your business operations have changed now that we’re in Stage 3 of reopening. 

Customers are looking for better service, more value, and seeking out businesses with ethical practices during these uncertain times, and the messages you send will leave a lasting impression on them for years to come. 

2. A Commitment to Social Responsibility

Between the economic fallout from the pandemic and the racial equality movement, it’s never been more important to display your commitment to social responsibility. Whether this means paying your employees during closures or doing your part to support black-owned businesses, you should share your efforts with your customers and make it clear that by engaging with your brand they are contributing to a greater cause.

Given the fact that over half of consumers are willing to spend more on a brand they’re loyal to, acting in a socially responsible manner can help ensure the longevity of your business.

3. Be Consistent and Reliable

With so much uncertainty looming over us, it’s important to establish your brand as consistent and reliable. This means tailoring your messaging to address current customer concerns and consistently showcasing the individual strengths of your brand across various channels. You also want to repeat your core message while adapting it to suit the current climate so that your brand can register with consumers.

Establishing lasting relationships with your customers also requires transparency. If your business ships goods out and you know that there will likely be a delay in deliveries due to the pandemic, let your customers know what to expect. 

At the end of the day, customers are seeking out trustworthy brands that reflect their own values. Now’s the time to engage in brand citizenship, contribute to the public good, and prioritize communication with your customers. And if you need help getting the right message out there, don’t hesitate to contact Arnold Street Media, Inc. We specialize in establishing brand identities and have the know-how needed to help businesses navigate this new normal.