A Glossier Girl

By: Alannah Kavanagh


I’ll admit, I wasn’t the first one to joyously welcome Glossier to Canada, but I’ve certainly joined in singing with the choir of the masses expressing their delight over the company’s decision to begin shipping their beauty products to Canada.

Yes, I recognize that I was late the game. Embarrassingly enough, my makeup knowledge doesn’t extend far past how to darken my eyebrows and merely guessing which shade of drugstore powder I should purchase annually (shameful, I know).

So last year when the online-beauty startup boasted waitlists of over 60,000 customers for its products, my finger wasn’t anywhere near the pulse, my name not wedged in amongst others desperately desiring to become a part of the cult following.

But last month when Glossier, founded in 2014, began shipping to Canada – it made a prolific impression.

With targeted advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and the rest of the affiliate network, Glossier caught the eye of the minimalist cool-girl that lives within all of us. Therefore, if you’re a member of the Canadian girl gang that exists within the 18-35 age bracket, you saw the Glossier ads and you remember them.

As a digital marketer, I was definitely impressed. The Glossier sponsored content was impeccably curated, and it was working on me. This was evidenced by the fact that I suddenly wanted to wear lip-gloss after seeing a picture of sultry and shiny lips on Instagram, despite never having worn it in my entire adult life.

But after scrolling through endless tweets in my feed about Glossier – I realized that the startup’s influence extended far past paid advertising. Word of mouth was clearly a major player in Glossier’s formula for success.

Yesterday, I became a convert. Walking past the company’s pop-up shop in West Queen West, I popped my head in, telling myself I was doing so to observe their killer branding, strictly professional.

Immediately hypnotized by the #glossierpink colour palate, intricate floral arrangements, and tables full of samples – I had to flex every muscle of self-control I possessed to not walk out with more products than I actually needed. I ended up purchasing boy brow, a brow gel that took me all of .0002 seconds to fall in love with.

Truth is, Glossier has found the holy grail of beauty marketing – a coveted trifecta of powerful branding, effective digital marketing, and a fiercely loyal customer base.

I’m fully aware that I bit the carrot, but I refuse to look back. I’m far too pleased that I’m finally a part of the club.